Waterpik showerheads

The handheld, wall mounted and Rain showerheads by Waterpik are unparalleled for quality in the market. The bath and shower fixture giant is a household name in the United States and has expanded globally in recent years. The most familiar showerheads by Waterpik are handheld models like the Charleston, the Easy Select and the EcoFlow.

The Charleston is a handheld showerhead Waterpik available in chrome and nickel that offers smooth water flow with Waterpik’s OptiFLOW technology. The Easy Select features a handle-based control system that allows a user to change from full body spray to circular massage with the click of a button. Waterpik showerheads are also focused on preventing water waste with the EcoFlow leading the way to greener showering. The EcoFlow showerhead by Waterpik promises a 28% decrease in water consumption over its life with a potential savings of $90 per year in water bills.

The wall mounted showerheads by Waterpik allow a hands-free showering experience for the average user. The Elements line of wall mounted showerhead Waterpik items feature five pulse modes including a massage feature and the OptiFLOW system for maximum power. The Linea line from Waterpik is a simpler design than other wall mounted showerheads for understated bathrooms. Waterpik wall mounted showerheads are affordable solutions for bathroom building and remodeling projects.

Waterpik’s Rain showerheads allow users to simulate a summer rain storm every time they turn on their showers. The Rain showerhead Waterpik product line allows water to trickle down from above rather than projecting outward like traditional showerheads. Waterpik offers several models under the Rain name including the Cascadia and the RainFall. The Cascadia showerhead is eight inches wide to cover a greater area while maintaining sufficient spray force for a refreshing shower. The RainFall is available in four and six-inch models to make the Rain showerhead line more versatile.

The selection of showerheads from Waterpik has expanded in recent years with the acquisition of Interbath and Ondine. The Interbath name is used for showerheads and accessories aimed at young professionals and families looking to save money on bath fixtures. The Ondine name is attached to a full line of showerheads with futuristic designs that will take Waterpik into the 21st century.

Waterpik showerheads are lauded for their simple installation instructions by homeowners and contractors alike. The phrase used on boxes of showerheads by Waterpik is “no plumber needed” to indicate the ease of replacing an old showerhead with a Waterpik product. Waterpik says that homeowners can simply remove the old showerhead, clear old threads and install the new showerhead without much trouble. The ease of adding a Waterpik showerhead adds to the brand’s value, allowing customers to save money on contractor costs.

The reason why Waterpik showerheads are popular around the world is due to the company’s commitment to customer service. Waterpik’s customer service department can be reached online and by phone to answer questions about products and return policies. Thousands of distributors and service providers around the world carry Waterpik products, allowing homeowners to speak directly to an authorized Waterpik expert. Waterpik’s website covers every aspect of installation, repair and customer service including digital versions of instruction manuals for every product.