Spa Shower Heads

Spa shower heads can make a difference between a regular shower and a shower that feels like you’re at a spa retreat. Many types of spa shower heads massage your body. Oxygenics® shower heads incorporate oxygen into the water which produces a massage type spray. The water enters the bottom of the shower head and is propelled through an accelerator fin. It goes through a channel where the oxygen is put into the water. The oxygen helps purify the water by creating negatively charged ions. This means younger looking skin for you. TriSpa® uses the patented technology of oxygenics into a multispray shower head. It has three pressurized spray patterns.

You can enjoy a lavish spa experience right in your own bathroom with a Rain™ shower head. This type of shower head also gives you the option of a high pressure shower or drenching rainfall spray. Aquacape™ spa shower heads also make you feel like you’re at a retreat. AquaScape Spa™ has 8 modes of spray settings. Relax with pulsating rain, pulsating rain/massage, rain drencher/massage, rain drencher center spray, pulsating massage, and concentrate center spray. It has an eco pause water saver. EasySelect™ shower head has the convenience of an in-handle spray mode selector. It has an OptiFlow technology that optimizes water flow to make you feel invigorated.

There are many other spa shower heads that are so relaxing to use and make you feel as if you’re at a retreat. The Riva 7 shower head has seven spray functions, which include a Full-Cone Flood rain shower spray, two massage sprays, two combination sprays, and soothing aeration. The Regent Massage shower head has a six dial setting. You can choose from the adjustable slow-to-fast massage, an adjustable heavy-to light full cone rain spray, and a combination spray. It even has water saving trickle spray. You can enjoy seven shower spray functions with the Malibu™ shower head. There’s rain spray, mist spray, powerful massage spray, aeration spray, and three combination sprays.

Hansgrohe Raindance Rainfall™ shower head is different from regular shower heads. It’s a horizontal, multifunctional shower panel that has a torrent spray mode. This shower head is a panel that fits overhead. You can adjust it to a gentle rainfall or a massaging downpour. Another feature of this spa shower head is a concentrated waterfall, which gives you a heavy rinse. Beautiful shower heads by Kraus® include square metal shower head, rectangle shower head, and round glass waterfall shower head. They each have a contemporary design, but look great in modern or contemporary areas. All the mounting hardware is included to install Kraus™ shower heads.

You could even use a spa shower head for your kid’s bath. One that is perfect for kids’ baths is the 4-mode hand held shower head by Water Pik®. It has a full-body spray to rinse and a strong pulsation mode to bathe your kids. Another feature is the tangle-free five-foot hose. The New Visions Linear® shower heads are also great to bathe kids. They have a fixed mount, additional maneuverability, and six spray modes.