Shower head pressure

The typical complaint of inexpensive hotels, apartments, and condominiums is that the shower head pressure is too high or too low. While the design of a bathroom may be visually appealing to users, the pressure of a shower head can make or break the bathing experience. The pressure of a homeowner’s shower head can change from high to low with the right bathroom fixtures.

The bathing experience is different for everyone and high or low shower head pressure is desirable in various situations. The most common reason why bathers use aerated or trickle settings on shower heads is to apply soap, shampoo, and conditioner before bathing. The rush of hot water does not allow soap and shampoo to do its jobs, rendering the shower less than fulfilling for the bather. After shampoo and soap have been applied, bathers typically turn up their shower heads to higher pressures for a thorough rinse.

Before getting into a review of the best shower heads on the market, we need to understand how shower head pressure is determined. The flow of water from plumbing system to pressure shower heads is facilitated by the turn of a switch. The water stream may be slowed down or dispersed improperly by a clog in the shower pipes, causing water to bypass some sprays in the process. Another influence on shower head pressure is the buildup of dirt and sediment in the fixture itself, which decreases flow efficiency and pressure significantly.

Bathers should look at their shower heads to determine if they could be getting better pressure. Most pressure shower heads come with flow regulators or controllers that are meant to keep water moving smoothly from pipe to bath. If the flow regulator is broken or defective from the start, homeowners may be spending more money than necessary on monthly water bills. The setting of the shower head can also change pressure significantly. The difference between an aerated mist or trickle setting and a high-intensity on the typical shower head can be substantial.

One of the better companies in the shower fixture industry is the Speakman Company. Speakman’s signature product, the Anystream 2000, is popular among hotels and hospitals that need higher shower head pressures. The Anystream 2000 features a twistable volume and velocity control in the shower head to give users the ultimate power over the pressure of the shower head. The 50 full-body sprays and the eight massage jets in the Anystream 2000 allow bathers to find their ideal shower setting without much trouble.

The Water Pik EcoFlow is another product that ensures high shower head pressure. The EcoFlow is Water Pik’s “green” shower head and reduces water consumption by 28% over the product’s life. The company claims that this reduction in water usage can save a homeowner up to $90 per year in water bills. For the bather concerned with pressure and comfort rather than price, the Water Pik EcoFlow is the perfect balance between those two criteria.

A final product that focuses on quality pressure in shower heads is the Moen Isabel. The Moan Isabel uses the company’s Immersion technology to distribute water equally throughout the head. The Immersion system gives users the opportunity to control settings and redirect water as necessary to increase or decrease pressure. The Moen Isabel is available in several finishes including chrome and oil brushed bronze to match any bathroom.