Low Flow Shower Heads

When it comes to finding the right showerhead, low flow options can be among the best on the market. Designed to be both effective and water efficient, the low flow showerhead is available in many different types, most of which are becoming extremely popular as the environmental conservation movement continues to ramp up to full steam. When discussing a showerhead, low flow options are considered the responsible way to conserve water while remaining effective and providing a positive shower experience.

A showerhead low flow option typically pushes out less than 2 gpm (gallons per minute), instead of the 2.5 to 3 gpm common in most showerheads. A low flow showerhead can be the showerhead of choice for those wishing to both conserve water and still get a refreshing, high quality shower experience. While many people still don’t see the benefits of using a low flow showerhead, millions of people each year are making the switch, and not regretting it in the slightest. There are many things to consider when purchasing a showerhead low flow faucet. The first of which is the materials of which the showerhead is made. Many people choose to use recycled materials in order to lessen the showerhead’s impact upon the environment, while others think that merely conserving the water itself is a step in the right direction.

Consider purchasing a showerhead low flow option that provides increased aeration. By spreading out the flow of water and incorporating increasing amounts of air into the water, popular low flow showerhead options allow those enjoying the showerhead to feel that they’re getting a shower with just as much water as a prime flow faucet. Aeration is important; since without it, it’s difficult to get the same experience with the same enjoyment as a standard faucet. The air incorporated into the stream of water also allows the stream to feel more powerful, often like the most expensive and high quality full flow showerheads, all while using one-third to one-half as much water. This leads to a shower experience that is both satisfying and effective.

Showerhead low flow models typically range from 30-75 dollars, while top of the line “rainshower” heads can cost up to twice as much. These showerheads are placed directly above the user, and the water washes straight down over them. This creates the feeling of standing in a powerful rain shower, and provides one of the best shower experiences available. Low flow showerheads are quickly becoming the standard, and are available at most home improvement warehouses and hardware stores. Stylish appearance and unbeatable value go hand-in-hand, since using less water means that your water bill will be significantly lower, all while helping the environmental conservation movement. Using showerhead low flow options means that users can experience the same euphoric feeling that full flow showerhead users get, all while saving money and lessening their impact on the environment. Eventually, all industrialized nations of the world plan to make the move to mandatory low flow units, but until then the responsibility lies solely with the individual buyer.