How to install a shower head

Enhancing Your Shower: How to Install a Shower Head

Taking a shower can be the most rejuvenating morning ritual and the most relaxing night ritual that is done in the most intimate rooms of the home. However, sometimes your shower can disappoint you if your shower head is extremely outdated and is about to succumb to the years of being used by the many patrons of your home. Now that you have gone out to purchase a new showerhead for your shower, you are stuck with no knowledge of how to install the new tool by yourself. Keep reading for steps on installing a showerhead.

Showerhead Installation Steps

Of course, installing a showerhead is much easier if you just look in the yellow pages for a contractor to come in and install the piece at a cost. However, using a contractor could leave you waiting for your new showerhead to be used, shopping around for the best contractors, and finding one that will give you a decent installation estimate. Yes, that is definitely a bunch of work to do when you can take on a fun and exciting renovation on your own. Here are the step-by-step instructions on installing a new showerhead.

  1. Remove your current shower head. You can use either a set of pliers or a wrench to complete this step. Holding the shower arm (the pipe connected to the showerhead) steady, use your desired tool to loosen the nut that is behind the shower head. After loosening the nut, finish twisting it with your fingers and completely remove the showerhead.
  2. Thoroughly clean the threads on the shower arm. In the area where the shower head was connected to the shower arm, use either a wire brush or a similar object to clean the threads. After completion, you should see no debris in the threads.
  3. Wrap the shower arm threads with plumber’s tape. Make sure that the wrap is tight by using several layers.
  4. Set up your new showerhead. Again, hold your shower arm steady. Gently place the new showerhead on the shower arm. Now, in the clockwise direction, turn the showerhead at least twice. Place a cloth across the shower head and use a wrench to tighten it by moving it clockwise. The cloth is used to ensure that the wrench does not leave any marks.
  5. Turn on the shower. You want to make sure that installation was done properly and there are no leaks from the shower head. Any leaks may be the result of the threads not being wrapped tightly enough. Just remove the head and rewrap the threads. If you believe that there are leaks inside of the wall, contact a plumber for more help.

Installing a new shower head is not a difficult task and it will be senseless to call on a plumber and pay him or her to do such a simple task. Instead, use the above steps to successfully install a new showerhead. Once it is installed, you are able to relax in the comforts of your new showering experience.