How to choose a handheld shower head

handheld shower head

Each one of us has a different style when it comes to taking a shower, some stay still under the shower head while others just want a better way to cover their body with water. For those persons that find themselves in the latter situation, purchasing a handheld shower head might be a great investment. Let’s discuss how to choose a handheld shower head in detail.

This type of shower head comes with multiple advantages, and the main ones come from the fact that you can easily reach those hard places without any hassle, not to mention that a handheld shower head is also suitable for persons of all ages since it can be very easy to use no matter the size.

On top of that, it can be fixed or unfixed and it helps you even if you have a low water pressure, since it spreads the water just for you to get a much better coverage.

A handheld shower head is also known to be very gentle with the sensitive skin, an amazing thing if you take into consideration the fact that a normal shower just throws water drops on your body, something that might hurt people with sensitive skin. Instead, a handheld shower head makes things a lot more convenient in this regard since you can control the pressure without any problems.

With the help of a handheld shower head you can also wash pets, and in the end the handheld shower head is just easier to clean, which makes it a lot more convenient for any home user.

When it comes to choosing the best handheld shower head, there are a few specific things that you need to check out. First of all, you need to check out the size of the head. Some people want a larger shower head and others want a smaller one, so it’s up to you to decide which is the best solution for you.

Alongside that, you might also want to check the length of the hose. Some hoses are shorter while others are longer, so you do need to make sure that your handheld shower head has a hose that is long enough in order to get the best results.

Moreover, quality is essential as well, since you don’t want the handheld shower head to deteriorate often. Check a shower head from multiple brands and don’t think that some brands are better than other, instead check out user reviews and see what other people that actually bought the product have to say about their experience.

Having a proper wall mounting is important, but when you buy a new shower head there might be some size differences that will make it hard for it to fit on the new wall mounting. This is why you might want to ensure that it fits or buy a new wall mount.

Lastly, try to see if the style of the handheld shower head suits the overall style of your bathroom. Check if it compliments all the features and fittings in your shower as this is the only way to figure out if you made the right decision.

handheld shower head usage

Finding the best handheld shower head for your bathroom might take a little while, but documenting and checking if it fits your bathroom is essential, as this is the only way to get the suitable product. Now, you know everything you need to know on how to choose a handheld shower head. Don’t settle for an impulse buy, but instead try to determine the best solution for your bathroom!