Body Shower Head

If you enjoy a relaxing shower, a body shower head might help you get the most out of your experience. Body shower heads are special shower heads mounted vertically along the wall in your shower, spraying water the length of your body. With water controls mounted in the shower stall, you can control the angle and the pressure of the water, helping you target muscles that need relaxing. Body shower heads can help tired and sore muscles loosen up, leaving you refreshed and invigorated. Instead of paying hundreds or thousands of dollars at a health spa, you can get a similar experience every day in your own home, for much less expense. The body shower spray is therapeutic for many people, especially for those who have sore muscles at the end of a hard day’s work or a heavy exercise routine.

Body shower heads work by a series of nozzles (usually between six and ten) arranged in two vertical rows. The nozzles can be located almost anywhere along the shower wall. You can usually adjust them to your preferences, giving you direct or wide spray patterns. The water comes from the shower head basin or tub that is prefilled. Once this is filled, simply turn on the body spray (with a valve or nozzle control, depending on the model design) and enjoy the stream of water along your entire body.

The leading body spray shower heads designs come from such companies as Kohler or Moen. You can purchase these units for less than a hundred dollars, although some models can be as high as $600 or more. Complete shower sets with even more functions and options can be well over $1,000. Prices depend on the brand name as well as the complexity and capabilities of the design, so it is best to shop around to find a model that is best suited for your budget as well as for your shower stall. In addition, since body shower heads are usually more complicated to install than a standard shower head, so it is often best to have a professional plumber install them for you when you remodel your bathroom. This will ensure that the unit functions properly and that you avoid installation problems beyond your skill. Your individual shower stall might not be able to accommodate the particular design of body shower head that you prefer, so it is also wise to get a professional assessment of your shower to avoid a purchasing mistake.

Once you have purchased and installed your new body spray shower heads, you can begin to enjoy your shower like never before. Depending on the type of shower head, you can get a variety of spray patterns including pulsing or steady stream, and you can increase the pressure as needed to hit sore muscles and help them loosen up. People with sore back, stomach, or thigh muscles may find a body shower head the perfect way to help them relax, and for a fraction of the cost that a professional spa session would charge.