Alsons Showerhead

Alsons hand held shower systems have been around since 1958 and are still as popular today. You can choose from hundreds of different Alsons showerhead designs, and there are a multitude of styles, functions, and finishes available to suit any bathroom decor.

Standard Alsons showerheads come as complete units that are very easy to fit and install. You can also purchase individual components if necessary to complete your shower system.

In2ition® The Most Popular Alsons Showerhead

The In2ition® is the most popular of the Alsons shower heads. This model combines either a four or five spray massage hand held shower head and a fixed shower head, and comes with an extra wide spray, which makes for a more enjoyable and invigorating shower experience. This hand held showerhead is easy to remove, and changing spray positions is a breeze. When you buy this alsons shower head, you have the option to use the hand shower and shower head together or separately.

The In2ition® has a three way diverter that has an easy to turn lever that allows you to redirect the water from the fixed shower head to the hand held shower head. You can also use both at the same time. With the hand shower, you have the option of having two different massage sprays and an aerated champagne spray. Some of the In2ition® models can also be purchased with an ergonomic non-slip handle and dial to make it more comfortable to use.

Alsons Showerhead With Rain Features

Rain showerheads are very popular now because of the way they allow the water spray to cover the entire body. If you want to purchase a rain shower head, there are a few things that you need to look for. You should ensure that the model you choose has easily adjustable arms for adjusting the shower top in the direction of your choice. This is great for those who want to wash only a specific area of their body, and especially useful when you want to wash but don’t want to get your hair wet. Most of these rain showers come with a head diameter that ranges from 3” to 6”. It is also standard for rain shower heads to have a spray top swivel action of 180 degrees.

Handheld rain shower heads are the most popular, and the Alsons showerhead model that would be best suited is the Deluge Rain Showerhead with adjustable shower arm extension. This model comes with a chrome finish and has a 6” diameter shower head. The spray head can swivel 180°, and you can extend the shower arm 16 1/2 “. This alsons shower head model meets all the plumbing codes for showerheads with water saving properties and fits all standard ½” threaded shower arms.

All the alsons shower heads and products come with easy to use and easy to understand instructions for installation, which makes them the perfect choice for those who are not very handy when it comes to plumbing.